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You can change everything

The KYUBE™ SIMPLIFY™ Suite is an inexpensive, straightforward and elegant solution that every marketer will appreciate.

KYUBE has simplified the task of conceiving and deploying marketing programs and campaigns to an existing web site. While other companies claim to offer similar solutions, only KYUBE empowers marketers to drag-drop-and-deploy dynamic Enterprise 2.0 web services—like Google AdSense™ and blogs—and publish the site in hours to start generating immediate ROI without requiring technical assistance.

KYUBE provides ad agencies, ad networks and their marketing clients with a hosted, easy-to-use, web-based marketing automation solution that: 

1. Drives more traffic resulting in greater cost effective leads

2. Converts those leads into new customers

3. Grows profitable sales

4. Gets customers to return to buy again

5. Nurtures brand advocacy



SIMPLIFY Suite includes SIMPLIFY, BRICKS™ and SIMPLIFY|WIDGET™. SIMPLIFY is a web-based marketing automation workspace. Using BRICKS, a patented reverse engineering technology, a simplified web site “skin” is abstracted that can be easily authored while working in the SIMPLIFY workspace. Additionally, users simply drag-drop-and-deploy WIDGETS, such as blogs and Google AdSense, and can publish the updated site in hours instead of days, weeks and months. All that’s needed to login to the secure, hosted solution is a computer and web browser.