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Company milestones from June 2005 to present day

October 2007
A context menu is added in the left tree under Project Pages. Users can directly edit and publish a page using this context menu (right-click on a page to see it)

Users have the ability to rename and delete pages in their project.

The File Management section was removed from the left panel. It is merged with the Project Pages section.

The editor performance has been optimized to allow better style and formatting changes to text.

The Overwrite Template feature is prepared to allow users to overwrite a template with a page that they have edited.

Upon editing a page, the page name will always be visible in red at the top which allows for easier navigation of the project pages.

A Preview Changes button is added to the Edit toolbar. A pop up of the page will show users their changes before they commit to publishing LIVE!

A quick menu is available for both images and text in the editor. To see a quick menu, users can simply select a text or image in their editor and hover over the selection.

September 12th, 2007
Kyube is a key participant in the Expand France event, where excelling companies in Telecom and Internet gather for a full day seminar.

July 2007
Simplify starts offering ready-made project templates that cater to different business and personal needs. Users can now create an entire website in a matter of minutes, fill in the content and publish it online with no need for a designer.

June 2007

Kyube collaborates with Capital C of Toronto to serve Nexient, a leader in online learning in Canada.

Trikona Capital, a leader in real estate fund management selects Kyube’s technology.

Kyube’s issues USD 2M Convertible Notes restricted to key Angels and historical Investors.

A quick access left panel is added while editing. It allows users to add widgets, images, layout regions, and even links to other pages by a simple drag and drop action into the editing area.

The widget wizard is developed to give the user full control over the behavior of widgets. The layout of each widget, the emails it sends out, and the properties are all manageable by the user.

May 2007

Kyube signs a strategic partnership with Result. Result becomes the main distribution channel of Kyube in Europe.

Kyube starts a hiring campaign to prepare for the upcoming growth in business.

Users can now upload templates into the system and further expand their website.

The editor experience becomes as good as the editing experience of a word document.

April 2007
The tutor help is added to guide first-time users of simplify|CMS. It is a step-by-step approach that Simplify users can follow to get better acquainted with the system.

March 2007

A new simplify|CMS GUI is introduced. It is fast, user-friendly and intuitive.

Multiple check in/release is developed to allow users to check in several pages rather than one at a time. It also allows users to request the release of multiple pages.

The single user package/Lite package is developed to cater to very small websites that do not undergo a lot of content changing. It has the basic features of simplify|CMS and it’s for FREE!

February 2007
The style editor is added to allow users to edit the style sheets (CSS files) of their website without having a technical background.

January 3rd 2007
Kyube Inc. is registered in the USA, and HO is moved to Boston.

December 2006
The animation widget is developed to add some life into the static design of a website. A rotating banner is an example of such a widget. The owner of the website can insert this widget anywhere in his website and he can upload the images that he would like to rotate. That will assure that a website will be constantly dynamic and changing.

November 2006
The voting widget is developed to allow website owners to create polls and votes and add them to their website. They can set rules to allow 1 vote per member for example and they can see the statistics of the voting. Users that visit the website or members in that website can vote and see the statistics for each vote.

October 2006


The addition of the forum widget to the widget family allows for the exchange of ideas and shared discussions among the members /visitors of a website.

The menu widget is developed to link pages throughout the website. It will allow website owners to place a group of pages under a certain level and have it create a menu with links to all pages depending on the specified levels.
Creating the menu is as simple as dragging and dropping pages from the website structure into the menu structure.

The listing widget is developed to provide website owners with the ability to list data in their website pages with the following filtering options:
1. Keyword search
2. Advanced search
3. Sorting
The website owner can view all the records in the listing. He can also modify, delete, and add records. This widget also allows exporting records to a CSV file so that these records can be manipulated in excel for example.

September 2006
SIMPLIFY|WIDGET beta is released.

The simplify team creates a Membership and Access Rights widget that allows website owners to create restricted access to desired parts. Each member will have a profile that will enable him/her to view certain pages of the website, depending on the permission rights issued to him/her. Furthermore, this widget will provide the ability for visitors to subscribe online via the website. As a result, the system will have a ‘smart’ profiling module that will grant certain permission rights depending on each person’s profile.

The simplify team adds the search box widget. Dragging this widget into a website will allow customers to search its content. Once the customer hits the Search button, the widget will search the HTML files of the website.

The form widgets are created in answer to websites who wanted to stay in touch with their visitors. With the forms widget, the website owner is able to create forms with unlimited fields as well as validation. Simplify™ will store data of these forms in a database and provides the website owner with the ability to view the submitted data, manipulate it, and export it to CSV files.

June 2006
Maroun Tabet joins KYUBE as COO. Maroun holds an MBA from IMD Lausanne and an IT Engineering from ESIB Lebanon. He has over a decade of business development and operations management expertise in Europe and Asia.

March 2006
Edgar Masri, CEO of 3com, joins KYUBE’s Board of Advisors.

February 2006
SIMPLIFY beta is released.

Simplify users can now roll back to previous versions of their pages. The number of saved versions for each page depends on the package.

September 2005
Antoine Hage, CEO of KYUBE, is asked to give the keynote address at the Arab Science & Technology Foundation (ASTF) in Bahrain.

June 2005
KYUBE is founded to commercialize BRICKS™, a unique, innovative reverse engineering process that—in very simplistic terms—serves back an abstracted layer of a web site so that it can be easily authored by a non-tech. The technology was co-developed and patented by Antoine Hage and Rony Saliba.