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Win more business – Ready-Fire-Aim 

The traditional way to win a web site build is to provide the client with a static, wireframe mock up of your creative team’s vision. Building sites this way involves a lengthy and expensive process that results in unnecessary delays in time-to-market. The better way is to use SIMPLIFY™.

With SIMPLIFY you can present—at the first client meeting—deployable, dynamic improvements to an existing web site. This takes just a few elapsed hours, not days or weeks of preparation. It’s the difference between showing an architect’s flat rendering of a new home and actually walking through the rooms of a model home. All that‘s needed is the furnishings.


Generate recurring revenue streams 

SIMPLIFY is for ad agencies that want to dramatically improve their client’s online marketing and sales automation. The hosted business model is the way of the future. Clients experience continuous innovation, accelerated time-to-benefit, and it greatly simplifies the experience.

In addition, ad agencies are able to continuously deploy state-of-the-art Enterprise 2.0 SIMPLIFY|WIDGETS™ simply by tweaking and rolling out new WIDGETS—like Google AdSense™. You can provide a monetized service by hosting, provisioning and tracking high value WIDGETS.   

SIMPLIFY locks in a client and increases the cost of switching to another ad agency. When you continuously deliver business value to clients, you’ll have those clients for life.


The KYUBE™ SIMPLIFY Suite changes everything

KYUBE’s private label, web-based SIMPLIFY Suite will continue to grow your business well after a site has been delivered to the client. Logging in to your branded web-based solution, your clients will gain access to all the tools they need to make updates—without the need to have a technical expert by their side.


SIMPLIFY Suite includes SIMPLIFY, BRICKS™ and SIMPLIFY|WIDGET. SIMPLIFY is a web-based marketing automation workspace. Using BRICKS, a patented reverse engineering technology, a simplified web site “skin” is abstracted that can be easily authored while working in the SIMPLIFY workspace. Additionally, users simply drag-drop-and-deploy WIDGETS, such as blogs and Google AdSense, and can publish the updated site in hours instead of days, weeks and months. All that’s needed to login to the secure, hosted solution is a computer and web browser.


This hosted solution is ideal:

  • For Design Houses
  • For Franchisor Clients
Benefits to ad agencies:
Benefits to your clients:
  • Win more business
  • Improve margins
  • Access new markets
  • Competitive differentiation
  • On-demand authoring and publishing
  • Grow traffic
  • Acquire leads
  • Convert new customers
  • Generate greater sales
  • Improve loyalty/stickiness
  • Develop advocacy
  • Competitive differentiation

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