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Technology revealed: How BRICKS™ works

As written by our Technical Expert


BRICKS is an aggregator framework that enables web site owners to aggregate, in an abstract manner, information from multiple sources. BRICKS empowers authorized users with the ability to massage the integrated information and automatically propagate backward any events and transactions committed on this integrated information.

Business process management through workflow creation increases organization efficiency, productivity and quality. BRICKS allows users to create workflows that mirror your business processes to manipulate the aggregated information. Such workflows are grouped into BRICKS subpages. 

With BRICKS, users do not need to throw away any existing web applications as it allows them to integrate any available web application. The framework aggregates pages from already built web applications and filters the desired pages’ information. This information is also grouped into BRICKS subpages. BRICKS also automatically handles backward manipulation of the integrated information of the web application, through the existing web application.

A BRICKS subpage represents a workflow and/or aggregate information from a web application. A BRICKS page is in turn a collection of subpages leading to a single consolidated workspace.

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