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become a kyube affiliate and make loads of money Kyube pays its affiliates up to $100 for each sale they bring in. This means that each time someone subscribes to one of our services, thanks to a link on Your Website, Your blog or simply an e-mail You sent, then You get PAID! Take advantage of one of the highest payouts in the industry to bring in extra cash for yourself and to your business.

Compare us with other affiliate programs:     If you are currently promoting other sites using another affiliate program - we strongly encourage you to compare the hard numbers! 

Do the quick math!!!!  Please sum up all of the payouts for the sales you generated and divide them by the total amounts of sales you've done for that day. You'll quickly realize that their "high" payouts aren't as high as you may have originally thought.

We simply pay more per sale than virtually ANY other program - and that's a simple fact.

Just bring on the traffic, let us convert it and you just need to sit down and enjoy making money!

Affiliation Programs

Referral affiliation program: The referral affiliation program is a really simple program that presents you with links and ads to add to your websites, forums, blogs, or any advertising space you have on the internet.

White label affiliation program (hundreds of ready to use websites): This program gives you a chance to white label a website that sells our services and make it your own. We present you with thousands of already prepared websites that contain the registration process for users to subscribe to our product suite. Simply pick a website, add your logo to make it your own, and invite your audience.


Create Multiple Affiliation Programs
Once you register for an affiliate account, there is NO LIMIT to the number of affiliation programs you can put out in the market. Create multiple programs to target multiple audiences. By creating a variety of programs, you ensure that a  different and wider niche of people will be reached. The more people visit, the higher the conversion and the more money for you.

Remember that all your programs will be consolidated under your account, so sign in and watch the numbers grow.